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Where are you at the moment?


Do you want clarity about what really drives you (and what does not)?


Are you looking for personal and professional development?


Are you thinking about professional reorientation?


Or are you facing other changes, challenges, and decisions?


Then get on board and start your very own expedition. 

offer appointments on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7pm.

Face-to-face or remote?

We have all learned from the challenging upside-down times with the virus. In addition to face-to-face coaching, I also enjoy working with you online. I have further developed my methods and my office setting for this and I am (still) amazed at the unexpected possibilities.

Me at a glance


My name is Anja Ostendorp and I work as a  psychological business coach, certified supervisor for coaches, and systemic therapist. 


Born in the spring of 1972, I grew up in Germany. After my psychology studies, I worked in Switzerland and Germany, completed a doctorate in applied psychlogy / organisational psychology, and raised two wonderful children.


My further education includes 3 years of professional business coaching and supervision, 3 years of systemic therapy and counselling, various modules in methods of online coaching, as well as mindfulness champions training (breathworks UK), and the Executive Leadership Programme (Said Buisness School, University of Oxford).


Currently, I live in the Midlands (UK) with my husband  and travel between Germany, Switzerland, and England.




My experience in numbers


... 15 years of coaching / supervision in profit and not-for-profit organisations up to c-level,


... 17 years at a business university (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland): research and project management, lectureships, training and counselling in numerous organisations,


... 10 years as head of an institute (Centre for Work and Organisational Psychology ZAK),


... more than 50 international lectures and publications (Journal of World Business, Swiss Journal of Pschology, Scandinavian Journal of Management etc.),


... 3 professional memberships (DGSF, DGSv, dvct)


... and many more years as trainer and 

lecturerer at various Academies and Universities.



I am happy to receive your questions and suggestions. 


Please use the contact form, drop me a line via email,

or let's talk on the phone.


United Kingdom

Dr. Anja Ostendorp

Psychological Business Coaching & Supervision

6 Barley Close, B95 5HU Henley-in-Arden


Germany and Switzerland

Dr. Anja Ostendorp  Coaching & Supervision

Praxis Michel, Hussenstr. 17, D-78462 Konstanz




+44 (0)1564 792 833 (UK)

+49 (0) 160 4038 823 (Germany)